Extras – Corfu-bound Sierra Leone youngsters need your support

  The Kent Cricket Club U-17 team has been invited by the Hellenic Cricket Federation to participate in the International Schools Cricket Tournament in Corfu, Greece from 25-30 June, 2018.

  The Kent U-17 team consists of ten boys and five girls, and will have the opportunity to compete against children from top cricketing nations such as England, India, Pakistan, South Africa and Australia, among others.

  This is expected to be a massive opportunity for these less-privileged children from Sierra Leone, who have been through traumatic experiences due to Ebola, flooding and mudslides, to showcase their cricketing talents.

       (source – Kent Cricket Club)

  In May 2016, Kent Cricket Club CEO, Emmanuel Pessima, was a guest at the International Schools Tournament hosted in Corfu, Greece, where he spent a significant amount of his time appealing to the President of the Hellenic Cricket Federation for his support.

  The Hellenic Cricket Federation has accepted to support the Kent U-17 team with accommodation, food and transport while in Corfu.

  However, the major challenge now is to raise funds to cover the air tickets for the 15 children and three officials to travel to Nigeria for visa, since there is no Greek embassy in Sierra Leone, and also to cover for their trip to Greece for the tournament.

  In this regard, Kent Cricket Club, Sierra Leone requests you for support.

  Please make your donation to support us here, so that these children can be given the much-deserved opportunity to compete with other children outside Sierra Leone. Any amount that you can donate will help make the difference. Thank you for your donation.



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