Welcome to The Cricket Cauldron.

  I have been a passionate cricket follower since 1999, and the Cauldron is where I write about the game I admire.

  I aim at writing on a varied range of topics related to this great game – thus the name ‘Cauldron’. A cauldron, as we know, is a large cooking pot with all kinds of ingredients inside it.

  Test cricket is what I love and respect the most, as it is the pinnacle of all things cricket in my opinion – few things in life are as satisfying as an enthralling Test match.

  I hope readers find the blog interesting, and I sincerely invite fellow cricket aficionados to browse the monthly archives and comment on the posts.

  Thank You for visiting.

~ Rustom Deboo, India

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    1. Hi Chris,

      The questions in the survey were very interesting and it was a pleasure to answer them.


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