Welcome to The Cricket Cauldron.

  We are passionate about cricket and its rich history, and the Cauldron is where we write about the game we admire.

  We aim at writing on a varied range of topics related to this great game – thus the name ‘Cauldron’. A cauldron, as we know, is a large cooking pot with all kinds of ingredients inside it.

  Test cricket is what we love and respect the most, as it is the pinnacle of all things cricket in our opinion – few things in life are as satisfying as an enthralling Test match.

  We hope readers find the blog interesting, and we sincerely invite fellow cricket aficionados to browse the monthly archives and share their thoughts with us.

  Thank You for visiting.

Rustom Deboo,
The Cricket Cauldron



2 thoughts on “About

    1. Hi Chris,

      The questions in the survey were very interesting and it was a pleasure to answer them.


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