Viewpoint – The road ahead for Champions League T20

Many teams face ‘unknown factor’ like Auckland Aces

Champions League T20 has not got much following for several reasons but if properly managed it can become a great tournament and can promote youth talent.
Here are the problems which the league is facing:

UNKNOWN FACES The biggest problem is the ‘unknown teams’ factor. Organizers tried to settle it by throwing in a qualifying stage and increasing number of ‘known teams’ compared to the unknown. With many countries adopting franchise system and having lot of foreign players in, the unknown factor will drop in coming years. 

THE VENUE Champions League T20 has been hosted either in India or South Africa. Hosting in other places might spread its popularity but the problem is the timings and it will reduce the viewership. October may be too late to host in England while Australia’s timings could be good but risky. The organizers should try hosting in other areas – Sri Lanka, Australia, etc to broaden interest  or even try newer markets like Malaysia.

UNIFORMITY Every season of the league has seen a bit of change of rules. Format has remained the same but others including no of teams and specially no of teams per country has changed. Right now it looks to be an Indian-dominated event with 4 entries, but it can change in future and be more balanced.

FOREIGN PLAYER RULE The biggest worry which is unique to this league is the foreign player rule. Right now, it’s titled towards IPL teams but as more countries go towards franchise system, it could get solved out in future. There is need for modification as players have no problem choosing the IPL side over their home side. 

THE BOTTOM LINE The tournament might not get the importance and popularity, but over the years it can become the most important club tournament in the world. Improvements are needed and more attention from boards around the world.


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