Viewpoint – The selection headache: experience v/s form

  Experienced players play a huge role in any side but when they are out of form it gives the selectors a big issue to deal with especially if its’ a class player in question : Should they retain the experienced player or drop him and go for a newcomer? Here we look at both options and scenarios they provide:


PROS: THE EXPERIENCE The experienced player uses his experience and puts his team in command or rescues them fulfilling the main reason why he is still retained in the team. This has happened to many players who were questioned on their place in the lineup before hitting back with some even on verge of being dropped.

CONS: WASTE OF PLACE A player out of form and continues his bad form just uses ‘space’ in the team line-

Not so easy to drop someone like Sachin Tendulkar

up. It will block another player from showing his talent and winning the match for his team.  The “waste-of-place” scenario gets even more attention when the player has reached his “retirement age”. A small dip of form and criticism arrives that “the player is too old” and he is taking up place. He might come back with a good knock and the claims will be silenced. If the player continues his bad form, the criticism mounts up.


PROS: NEWCOMERS SHINE The scenario leads to players who.have played on circuit for long time never to be seen again. Newcomers get a lot of chances but only some of them are grabbed. This has pushed many out-of-form first-team players to fringes and some of them have never returned back to international fold or struggling to. Selecting newcomers shows development for future and helps them learn a lot of things which could help them for future tours.

Virat Kohli has grabbed opportunity to cement his place

CONS: LACK OF EXPERIENCE Sometimes, how talented a player is, he still struggles in tough foreign conditions. The need for experienced player arises in such situations since experienced player has some knowledge of these conditions. Opposing captains tend to set attacking fields for newcomers and tend to make it tougher for them. 


  Both experienced and newcomers are needed and to be successful. The timing is important – bringing in youngsters too late will result in player struggling to find his feet – the situation many teams face after a class player or especially when “legend” retires. Time it too early and you can miss valuable services of legend. It’s a tough situation and the job of a selector is not that easy. The right balance can establish a very good side.

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